Marketing your Property

Pricing- The most valuable service that we offer to our seller clients is to help them to price their home at market value

Overpricing-If a property is overpriced it will sell for less money and it will take longer to sell. There is a direct relationship to the days on the market (how many days a property is in the MLS system) and the final price of the house. Sometimes what seems like a good idea; price it a little high and then come down later, turns out to be a costly mistake.

Under-pricing- The effect of under-pricing a home is a quick sale and a lower sales price. Sometimes under-pricing creates a cascade of offers that will result in an overall higher price. If this is the goal then this marketing strategy needs to be accompanied by an “auction” like set of rules to protect you from selling for less money.

Market Pricing- the most successful approach to marketing a house is to price it at market value. In this internet marketing environment properties are completely exposed to every buyer on earth in a matter of days. There is no need to build in a slightly higher price to create negotiation room. Trust that the educated buyers in the marketplace will recognize that your property is priced fairly.  Refuse low offers and sell your house quickly at market price.

Negotiations-Selling your house is an emotionally laden process. Sometimes it is hard to keep your feelings out of the transaction. That’s where we come in. We help to keep you on track. We negotiate on your behalf to help you to get the best price in the shortest period of time.  Artisan agents are experienced professional negotiators. We have negotiated thousands of real estate transactions.

Staging- Staging is more than cleaning and organizing a house. Staging is an art form that will bring out the st features in your home. Great staging will make buyers want to own your home. Dan Beirne the Artisan Broker of record is a certified stager. He teaches staging techniques to licensed agents at local real estate schools. Several of our team members are also certified staging professionals. 

Positioning your property on the internet- There are thousands of competing home listings in the internet marketplace. Most will not sell. Artisan agents know how to make your property listing win in the competitive internet marketplace.  We do this because we are experts at internet market.  The Artisan broker Dan Beirne was a pioneer in internet marketing as the first online broker selling homes on the internet in Pennsylvania. In 2001 working as Broker of Record for ZipRealty Inc in San Francisco Dan helped to develop many of the tools and techniques used today. Few in Pennsylvania have the background and understanding Dan possesses and as an Artisan client Dan insures that your property makes the biggest splash on the internet. The result is more showings, more interest and a quicker sale for your property.

Avoiding eliminators in the chain of events that gets a buyer to your home-There are more mistakes made selling homes on line that you can imagine.  Mixed messages, bad photos, “showing eliminators” of all kinds persist as traditional agents do the same things that they did 30 years ago. To get the attention of today’s sophisticated buyers it is important to be an expert. Simply mentioning a pet in a house or the wrong kind of improvement can guarantee you 50% less showings. Your Artisan agent will discuss how we make sure that your property is getting every opportunity to attract buyers.

Seller consulting- Does this all sound complicated? It is. At Artisan we are experts. We will be glad to sit down with you and go thru every detail of marketing your home.  The mistakes are very costly so it is important that our clients are up to speed.  We give you the facts and you can then make great educated decisions.

Importance of access and availability- The goal is to get as close to 100% of interested buyers into your house so they can experience your property. Buying a house is an emotional decision and you cannot make a decision to buy a house unless you are in it.  Working with our seller clients we will try to make sure that you get the benefit of every showing that is requested.  Access is limited by having the wrong kind of lockbox, blocking out popular showing times and requiring lengthy notice times for showings. Availability can be enhanced with the right language in the MLS and the hard work and cooperation of an Artisan agent. Even when there are special situations taking the proper care to capture every showing opportunity is key to a successful sale.

Market Timing-There are many ways to introduce a property to the marketplace. In a nutshell the first few days are the most powerful marketing days any property can have. Listing the property first and putting photos in the MLS second is a serious mistake. At Artisan we have a plan to for timing the introduction of your property to make the biggest splash in the market.  We get our marketing in place first before exposing the property to the market.  We stage each property first before the first showing is scheduled. Agent and seller are on the same page for the best results.

Open Houses- Open houses are a good tool to expose your property and to get additional buyers into your property. Poorly staged open houses create poor results. Many aspects of open houses have changed. The internet now delivers more qualified buyers to open houses than ever before.  A well planned open house can be a win for buyers, agents and home sellers.  Artisan agents know how to create a successful open house.

Photographs, Images and videos- Photos and images on the internet can be very effective if they are the right kind of photos, placed in the right order and if they tell a story.  Videos of properties can enhance marketing efforts if they offer just enough information to encourage someone to tour a property. Artisan agents know how to utilize these tools to get additional buyers to see your property. We know what works. We know what images are showing eliminators. We even know that photos that are too good will disappoint a buyer when they compare the online images to what they see and feel on their tour of your property. Artisan agents are right on target in the visual marketing of your property.

Why houses sell- So much of why a house sells is a mystery. Few can explain why one house sells before another one. At Artisan our agents and brokers are experts. We know what we are doing and we are some of the best internet marketers in the business.  There is a big difference between doing things that impress sellers and doing things that actually sell a house. We know the difference and we will help you to understand it as well amoxicillin australia.  Did you know that brochures in houses actually make homes tour badly? Did you know that virtual tours of properties are more likely to eliminate your property from a buyer’s must see list?  Did you know that the best sound at a home being toured is silence? Houses sell 100% for emotional reasons. The proper marketing will appeal to the heartstrings. The right “at market pricing” will confirm to a buyer that the offering is priced fairly. Intelligent negotiation strategies will insure that your interests are best represented. It all comes down to knowing that selling homes in the internet marketplace requires exceptional skills and understanding. Artisan agents represent you exceptionally well.

Why houses do not sell- there are so many reasons why houses do not get shown and therefore do not sell. Mixed messages on the internet account for a lot of them. For example: messages mixed in the internet marketing like ”do not let the dogs out at showings” will in effect make sure that a house is never shown or toured.  Appearing to be a one sided negotiator with language like $195,000 Firm” will never get buyers across the threshold of your property. Overpricing will not so much eliminate showings but educated buyers will tour a house and instantly recognize that it is overpriced and they will emotionally show down and ignore your listing.  At Artisan our agents will offer you exceptional guidance in staging, pricing and marketing to make sure that your home sells quickly and at market value.

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